Why profitBuild.in

When you collect money late, you end up borrowing for executing projects. Money is lost on paying interest. ProfitBuild.in helps you collect payments on time, if not ahead of time! Monitor your late collections and how much it is bleeding you every month. An efficient process to bring this under control can not only save you a lot of money, but you could end up earning interest on funds collected efficiently



Ahead-of-time Payment Alerts

Configure Ahead-of-time Payment alerts. You could configure to receive alerts 10-15 days ahead of payment due. This would enable you to follow up on project stage completion, and customers to get the payments on the projected date.


Unit History

Extensive and detailed capture of every conversation and action taken on a unit - cutting across all departments and the customer. You could drill down what happened 6 months back when the negotiation was going on. You can click on prospects who viewed a unit, and cut across to see which all projects/units they have seen.


Analytical Reports

Let your data draw a picture for you. Predict your collections, look at sales performance, Look at collection backlogs - all in an entirely new light. ProfitBuild.in colorful and insightful charts and graphs give you a completely new picture of the state of your business.


Accurate ,Real Time Data on the go

ProfitBuild.in is easily accessible from your mobile - Track your data whereever you are. Stop relying on editable excel sheets. Avoid data discrepencies. Real-time, Accurate and extensive data to manage your business efficiently.


Secure World Class Infrastructure

We host your data on world class cloud infrastructure from Amazon. Each customer's data is maintained in a silo, to ensure maximum security. SSL encryption, hashed passwords and secure multi-tenant hosting - We ensure that your data is secured air-tight with every cutting edge security features available.

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Saving Money, Collect Data for efficient analysis and maximize business growth. All at an extremely attractive ROI rate that sees your investment return back multiple times within months.

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